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Having a little trouble with the

Having a little trouble opening the tin

Having a little trouble opening the tin

corned beef tin… got there in the end.

Myself and Jack Whitehall, his father Michael in the kitchen on the Mel and Sue show,

preparing the recipe for Corned Beef Hash Pie for the  days show.

The finished pie was enjoyed by everyone.

A great day.

The finished Corned Beef Hash Pie.

The finished Corned Beef Hash Pie.




Hi everyone, as promised here’s an update of my fifteen minutes of fame on the Mel and Sue Chat show.

The Studio is on the third floor of Whiteleys shopping centre incidentally, it was London’s first department store located in the Bayswater area and it has quite a bit of interesting history attached to it e.g. previous owners, location etc…

Whiteleys London, home of Princesstv

We made for the third floor and we were met by Catherine Pollock the production Secretary, who escorted us all to the studio entrance, where we were met by Glyn Harrison, food producer, who took us through the studio into my dressing room (OOeerrr get me!!!) where, we were served coffee and snacks. and told to wait until I was needed to go on set.
Shortly after Amy the make -up lady came to do my make up, whilst Glyn was bringing me up to speed of what was expected and how the first rehearsal would go.

Myself, Jack Whitehall, Michael Whitehall, Will Fielding and Mel, in 'Pat's Pantry.

Myself, Jack Whitehall, Michael Whitehall, Will Fielding and Mel, in ‘Pat’s Pantry.

It was at this point that Glyn sprung an extra task on me which involved a bit of fun in ‘Pat’s Pantry’,  Jack Whitehall and Will Fielding had to use ingredients from ‘Pat’s Pantry’ and model a likeness of  their parents Michael Whitehall and Yvette Fielding and it was my job to be the judge and choose the winner at the end of the show.

Jack Whiteley and his Father Michael, having trouble opening the corned beef tin.

Jack and his father Michael, looking on is Mel Geidroyc.

Then we are escorted in to the studio and I met various producers and floor managers, the Home Economist  Nikki Morgan, who helped me in the kitchen, preparing the ingredients for the recipe, showing me how to use the oven etc..,and generally guiding me through how the show would run.

Myself, and Nikki Morgan

Myself, and Nikki Morgan Home Economics Cook and Glyn Harrison producer.

Three rehearsals ensued, each one different to the previous one… talk about improvisation and ‘think on your feet’… and then!!  the final show, on air!!  LIVE!!”  but true to form the actual live show at 4pm, resembled nothing of the previous rehearsals we had done, but that’s television for you, it was an education.

Anyway, I hope I did us northerners justice with the recipe, all the film crew certainly loved the pie, (I think they had already sampled the previous ones made in practice by Nikki Morgan.) and at the end of the show I was presented with a Mel and Sue mixing bowl and oven glove which I will treasure.

My award from Mel and Sue.

My award from Mel and Sue.

What a fabulous exciting experience for me, to be able to watch what went on behind the scenes, and to see what was involved in making a television programme, I loved it, everyone at Princesstv were so friendly and accommodating, from the lovely  Mel Giedroyc, to the camera men, the producers, everyone was so kind.
I will always remember my 15 minutes of fame on The Mel and Sue show with great affection.

Patricia Matthews                       

Myself and Jack Whitehall

Myself and Jack Whitehall

 Corned Beef Hash Pie This is the recipe I cooked on the Mel and Sue show, its a hearty dish, perfect for any time of year. A great nourishing meal for  all the family, perfect for those cold winter nights. Give it a try, you’ll love it!!! The guests on the show loved it, so did the film crew, try it… it’s tasty. 













Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I posted a blog, I’ve been busy promoting the GAR book and Christmas is a busy time for all, anyway, here’s the latest news.

The Mel and Sue afternoon chat show.


Early in December I was contacted by the food producer Glyn Harrison from Princesstv in London asking if I would be interested in appearing on the Mel & Sue show, hosted by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins.  I was invited down to Princestv London for a screen test.

When I arrived at the studio I was met by Martha Swales, the food producer on the Mel & Sue show, who made us very welcome, we were given a tour of the set and I was introduced to the kitchen where I cooked  whilst Martha chatted to me about my interests, hobbies, family and the GAR cookbook.

On the sofa chatting to producer Martha Swales.

On the sofa chatting to producer Martha Swales.

The whole interview took about an hour and a half,  I was told that they would let me know in the New Year if I was to be invited to cook and chat on the Mel & Sue show.  We said goodbye and a car arrived courtesy of Princesstv, to take us back to our accommodation.

Early in the New year I received a phone call from Glyn Harrison food producer,  inviting me to appear on the Mel & Sue show, I was thrilled, surprised, very excited and also very nervous.

Just practising my cooking skills in the Mel and Sue kitchen.

Just practising my cooking skills in the Mel and Sue kitchen.

  Many emails and phone calls later I am happy to report    that I will be appearing on the show on Thursday the 22nd January at 4pm -5pm we have decided on a recipe and that I will be cooking on the show for Mel and Sue and celebrity guests Jack Whitehall and his father Michael and Yvette Fielding.

I am very much looking forward to appearing on the show, it’s a live show so anything could happen.

I will let you know how the day went in my next post.



Wish me luck,                     

Patricia Matthews.