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044August bank holiday weekend is a very important date in the Bolton calendar each year, from the 22nd to the 26th of August the Bolton food and drink festival takes place in the town centre and I was thrilled to be asked this year to promote and talk about Grandmas Antique Recipes as part of the event in the lead up to this very exciting festival.



Stall holders from all over Europe visit my hometown of Bolton and bring with them cuisine and beverages of all manner from their respective countries to sell on the stalls at the Bolton food and drink festival.

The event takes mammoth organisation from everyone involved and is carried out like a military operation but, the effort always pays off and the evidence is reflected in the crowds of people who come along to support it.




Varied and delicious food at the Bolton Festival.


This year the festival had the greatest number of visitors ever, keen and enthusiastic people came along in their thousands to enjoy the varied cuisines and beers and beverages from European countries.

The weather was glorious, warm and sunny much to the delight of the visitors and organisers and the three day festival was the biggest success it has ever been


Scrumptious chocolate stall.


Here are some photos of the marvellous and amazing continental food and drink on offer to the public for the splendid, three day,  feel good event.




Delicious pastries from France


 Here’s to next year when I have no doubt that The Bolton Food and Drink Festival will once more be a great success in bringing people from different cultures together once again to enjoy a weekend of fun, food and festivity.

Patricia Matthews







At the Book Signing with a difference.


On Thursday the 21st August,  I held my first Book Signing at the Bolton Museum and Library,   it was a success and a sell out, more than 60 people attended.

Myself, and Bolton Library’s local history librarian Julie Lamara, events organiser Melanie Graaf and the ladies from the museum who are all keen bakers, made various savoury and sweet recipes which feature in Grandma’s Antique Recipe Book.

Lemon cakes, Vinegar cake, Cocnut Ice and Sausage Rolls adorned the Lecture theatre to compliment the talk and genre of the event and the book buying public enjoyed  sampling the goodies along with a cup of tea or coffee.

 Recipes from Grandmas Antique Recipe's

Delicious food from the Afternoon Tea from Bygone Times.

Reporter Vickie Scullard and Nigel the photographer from The Bolton News and a roving reporter from Bolton FM radio station came and interviewed the audience on their thoughts and opinions about their afternoon at the book signing with a difference.

After I introduced the book and how I came to get it, and why I wrote it, the afternoon developed into an enjoyable,  informal couple of hours whereby people chatted to each other, swapped recipes and tips, sampled food from a Bygone age and generally relaxed. the whole afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended the event at the Bolton Museum and Library.


Patricia Signing books for the delighted guests.


All the comments and feedback we received from the audience I am pleased to report were enthusiastic and warm, all the books were sold and copies were signed, and everyone really enjoyed theAfternoon Tea from Bygone Times’.

Patricia Matthews event 21st August 2014

63 people attended!

“Fantastic event”

“Very enjoyable and interesting.

“Very enjoyable, friendly & entertaining.”

“Great to see a book all about Grandma Sarah!! Pat was entertaining as always!”

“Very enjoyable & entertaining.”

“Very entertaining afternoon, very funny lady.”

“Very good.”

“This was a lovely entertaining afternoon. Myself and my mum really enjoyed ourselves.”

“Very enjoyable, friendly and informative.”

“Absolutely brilliant.”

“Found it very interesting.”

“It was interesting, brought my childhood back when Gran used to bake at weekends.”

“Very well organised.”

“Very enjoyable –nice humorous touches and very down to earth. Nice and informal.”

“Very entertaining and humorous. Excellent.”

Really well organised and delivered. Room was excellent –nice to see the walls decorated with artefacts from the book.”

“Very interesting, relaxing and entertaining.”

Absolutely fabuloso! Well done Pat and thanks for teaching me what mother never had the chance to –PASTRY!

Absolutely FAB. Good laughs and nice people.”