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Welcome again  to Grandmas Antique Recipes

patricia-ytI would like to introduce you to the paperback version of the book, which is also available to buy on Kindle from Amazon, Waterstones and The Bolton Museum and Art Gallery in the Local History department.

As well as family history, delicious recipes and medicines of a bygone era, I would like to bring your attention to a section at the back of the book on Bolton.

It is my intention to try to bring to life  some of the places of interest in this part of the book by interviewing and filming  the owners of the shops and premises I have written about, these shops have an interesting history attached to them and some have been owned by the same family for generations.

I am sure you will be enthralled with some of the historical events these premises have witnessed through the ages in the very colourful history of the Lancashire town of Bolton.

Happy Reading.

Patricia Matthews.

Live interview with Tony Dooley the manager of the Haunted Ye Olde Man and Scythe Pub Bolton.

Ghost of  Ye Olde Man and Scythe makes his presence felt once again.

This week I visited Ye Olde Man and Scythe pub on Churchgate in Bolton where the manager Tony Dooley agreed to talk to me about the ghostly goings on in the pub during the week.  In this  video he tells me what happened in the night and what he found when he came to open up the pub for the days trade.

I was also curious how a  poster from the famous 60’s band THE WHO came about which is on show in Ye Olde Man and Scythe when I asked him how it came to be in the pub, he told me that they called in for a drink on their way back from a gig in Leeds, and after a raucous night in Ye Olde Man and Scythe they signed it,  and left it to the manager of the day as momento of their visit and evening of frolics and fun in the pub.  Watch the video to reveal all.

Patricia Matthews.

The Chair:


The famous chair

I went to Ye Olde Man and Scythe and took some photos of the rooms inside the pub and the  chair which Lord Derby sat in whilst waiting for the axe to fall the night before his beheading. It is reputed that Lord Derby sat in this chair whilst he waited for the axe to fall the night before his execution and in 1651, the inscription reads “15th October 1651 in this chair James, the 7th Earl of Derby sat at the Man and Scythe Inn Churchgate, Bolton immediately prior to his death.The Earl of Derby was executed for his part in the Bolton Massacre. Outside, there is a cross on the site where the execution took place.

The Glass Cabinet:

The famous glass cabinet

The famous glass cabinet

The glass cabinet that houses the chair along with a signed poster from the band THE WHO, who on a raucous night in the pub, are reported to have sat on the chair and broken it. the Chair used to be displayed in the bar suspended from the wall. This is a date stone which is on the wall near the bar, although Ye Olde Man and Scythe was first recorded by name in 1251, making it one of the ten oldest public houses in Britain.Framed declaration of the events of 1651.

Lord Derby’s Beheading:

The dummy head of Lord Derby

The dummy head of Lord Derby

The dummy head of Lord Derby which was used in the re-enactment of the beheading  and execution, which was carried out annually in by the previous landlord.

The Date Stone:


The date stone

This is a date stone which is on the wall near the bar, although Ye Olde Man and Scythe was first recorded by name in 1251, making it one of the ten oldest public houses in Britain.

The Declaration:


The Declaration

Framed declaration of the events of 1651.

The Pub:


Meeting some regulars

Myself and one of the regulars enjoying a drink and a chat about Ye Olde Man and Scythe.


scytheIn the Grandma’s Antique Recipe book I featured Ye Olde man and Scythe pub. In the local paper this week it seems that Lord Derby is haunting the place again, it is well known in Bolton that the pub is haunted, many customers have witnessed the spooky image of James Stanley the Earl of Derby sat in his chair in the corner of the pub,  click  on the link below to see the video,  SPOOKY!!

Ghost’ caught on CCTV at Bolton’s oldest pub >>>

A landmark moment for Grandma’s Antique Recipes book.


Grandma Sarah’s Antique Recipes has taken the long journey from her vintage hand-written recipes and cures to the famous Waterstones bookstore

The book is on show at the front of the shop and also upstairs in the Local History Section.

A very moving moment indeed seeing Grandma Sarah's work achieve bookstore status

A very moving moment indeed seeing Grandma Sarah’s work achieve bookstore status

Here I am proudly holding a copy of my book in Waterstones bookstore

Here I am proudly holding a copy of my book in Waterstones bookstore


My Valentine’s Day Challenge

This is the Valentines Day Challenge I have set up for the chaps/gents to have a go at to raise their street cred.

No cooking involved (fancy having a go?)

It’s a modern slant on an old fashioned sweet recipe from GAR (Grandma’s Antique Recipes), ‘Coconut Ice’  we’ll see what happens.

Go here to watch the video >>>

Easy Peasy :)

Live interview on Bolton FM

Live interview on Bolton FM

Live interview on Bolton FM radio.

It’s very humbling to receive feedback as the one below from a lovely person on You Tube.

Please have a look at the video of myself on Bolton FM

Excellent interview!!… Im from Little Hutlon and move to Australia 3 years ago! I am a 32 year old lad (one of seven) who is a keen beginner baker… I was looking how to make the classic meat and potato pie and I came accross you and your videos on u tube, I found your videos brilliant and easy to undersatnd and also it was nice to here the northern accent ha. this led me into finding you to have a book called “Grandmas Antique Recipes” which I am goin to purchase today! I am very interested into what the book has to offer and I am looking forward to reading it.

Also I would like to mention the world today has got faster and faster and most families have lost our old family values. I think it is very sad and real shame that most young people today can’t prepare a real nutritious meal from scratch and haven’t a clue where to start. Most families theses days live off fast foods and ready meals and process crap which I believe is going to cause problems later in life. Well enough of that lol, Id like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your videos and keep up the good work,,,,”HATS OFF TO GRANDMA SARAH!!!”

Bolton History Centre

Myself with the lovely Bolton History Centre people David Blair and Julie Lamara.

This as a photo of myself taken with  with David Blair and Julie Lamara, just two of the fabulous staff who work at the Bolton Art Gallery and Museum.

David Blair works in the Bolton History Centre department and what he doesn’t know about history is really not worth knowing in my view.

David revealed some very interesting facts about Grandpa Norman’s army records and I have recorded these in the Grandma’s Antique Recipes book. His ability to pick up a fact from an asterisk or a number on a document is astonishing and I am very grateful for his help.

Of course, the History Centre is only one part of the amazing Bolton Art Gallery and Museum, there is the adult and children’s library, the fabulous Aquarium where generations of children and grandchildren including my own have all visited and enjoyed.

Bolton Museum

Here I am with the book and David, who helped me with the research into Grandpa’s army records.

The amazing world famous Egyptology department and of course the pottery and artifact exhibitions both ancient and modern.

Then there is the art gallery itself, it houses the famous  Thomas Moran paintings amongst many others.

The Bolton Art Gallery and Museum in my view, is an integral and essential asset to the Bolton people and long may it remain so.

Please visit the website of the Bolton Art Gallery and Museum by clicking here >>>

Patricia Matthews