Bolton FM Interview

002_2Hello everyone,
Earlier this week I was invited on to our local radio station Bolton FM, to chat about my book ‘Grandma’s Antique Recipe’s.’ and a recording of the interview will be on the web site asap.  I chatted about the contents of the book, the recipes, the hints and tips and a little about women of Grandma Sarah’s era and their domestic life the photos are of myself and Elaine one of the presenters of ‘Community Corner’ which is the programme I was invited on to.
I also made for the presenters of the programme  the fruit cake with added vinegar (recipe on the web site and in the book) and took it with me to the studio for them to sample which they did with gusto, by the time I left there was hardly any cake left for the other presenters which followed, testament indeed to Grandma’s Fruit Cake  with added vinegar.  I really enjoyed the experience of radio, and I hope I get the chance to return with updates on the latest about Grandma’s Antique Recipe’s.
Patricia Matthews.