Welcome to Grandma’s Antique Recipe’s

Hello all you baking enthusiast who have an interest in the cooking of bygone times, welcome to my website. On my web site I would like to share with you the contents of a handwritten  gem of book  containing recipe’s,  tips and hints and cures from a bygone days.
On the web site you will find lots of interesting recipe’s and information about Grandma Sarah and the housewives of yester year their cooking equipment, the type of ovens they used and tried and tested remedies which were handed down for families to use in the days before the NHS was created.
Some of the recipes are over 90yrs old containing very interesting terminology, for instance, do you know what a gill of black beer is or 2d (pennorth) of linseed oil is? all the contents of the book were handwritten by Grandma Sarah in imperial measures and I have converted and modified the recipes for you as best I can.
I invite you to join with me on a journey into the everyday lives of these strong stalwart no nonsense ladies of Grandma Sarah’s era it’s fascinating stuff.

Patricia Matthews.

Just a thought

As I browse through this little gem of a book, I realise that the choice of baking ingredients for the everyday recipes were limited compared to the vast choice of baking aids we have today. I suppose it relied on the availability of ingredients needed, the seasons, and the money in their pocket. The housewives of yesterday didn’t seem to have the variety of flour or fats or flavours we have today.

Cookery is much more scientific nowadays, and we learn in school about which ingredients reacts with which, what type of flour is best for what kind of recipe and so on.

I noticed for instance that in the jams and preserves, no pectin or lemon juice is used, whether that was deliberate or not I can’t say, I think the wives and mothers of the 1920’s 30’s and 40’s used the fruit which was most plentiful and by trial and error chose the ones which gave the best results for the jams and preserves.

This particular way of making recipes and produce would nowadays be known as ARTISAN.

Artisan refers to a time when people took their time and made things by hand and in a traditional way.

The fruits used in the recipes in Grandma Sarah’s book, contain a lot of acidity and flavour so, maybe that’s the reason they were so popular,  also people could pick the fruits for free as they grew wild all around, and we must remember also that ordinary folk of the day had large families and would not have  had refrigerators to keep any food fresh.


The housewives of yesteryear used what was available to them from day to day but, whether cakes and breads or any recipes, were of the same quality and texture as we have today I don’t know, but they made the best of what they could afford for their families.